Short Crust Case weiss für B+ / Raspberry 2

Das neue Version des Bestseller für den Raspberry Pi 2 und B+.

- Base weiss
- Extension Layer
- Cover smoke

Artikelnummer: 10195

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CHF 24.90
  • Simple, clean design with easy access to all inputs and outputs.
  • Raspberry Pi snaps into place – secure, no rattling, and easily removable.
  • Raspberry Pi mounting holes still available for attaching standoffs or mounting the case to a surface.
  • ‘Smoke’ tinted cover for a clean look while leaving the Raspberry Pi visible.
  • Tool-less lid design – snaps on and off securely with no rattling.
  • Free snap-on extension part with every case to give you extra versatility when using add on boards.
  • SD card is kept protected inside the case, but is easily removable with the snap in design.