Raspberry Pi 3 "NES" Inspired Case

Raspberry Pi 3 "NES" Inspired Case
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We love Retro Gaming on the Raspberry Pi! So, when this NES inspired Raspberry Pi case landed on our doorstep, we couldn't resist!

Get the true retro experience, and re-live your childhood. This NES case is designed to fit the Raspberry Pi B+/2/3 and the firm design, made out of injection moulded plastic, is held together with the 4 provided bolts!

Designed with cooling in mind, the case features top and bottom air vents, and includes 2 x black anodised aluminium heat sinks for the Pi's SoC & Ethernet Controller.

The case features easy access to all the Pi's ports including the the SD-Card without opening the case.


  • Inspired by the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Flip-up front panel for USB Port Access
  • Features easy access for all ports including Micro SD Card slot (No GPIO access)
  • Includes 2 x Black Anodised Aluminium Heat Sinks for cooling
  • Top & Bottom Air Vents
  • Branded "Old Skool Entertainment System" & Includes Kintaro Stickers