Raspberry Pi HighPi Gehäuse für HAT-Erweiterungen - schwarz

HighPi Gehäuse - schwarz für Raspberry Pi B+/2/3
Ideal bei der Verwendung von HATs/Erweiterungsboards
Auch für den HifiBerry DAC+ (auch Pro und Light), HifiBerry Digi+ und HifiBerry Amp+ geeignet.
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HighPi Gehäuse - schwarz für Raspberry Pi B+/2/3

  • Durable two part ABS plastic case
  • Industry-leading ease of use, easy and tool free
  • Large internal volume for HATs, break-out boards, or heat sinks
  • Vents on three sides double as fly-through cable ports
  • Two-section breakout on A/V side for break-out board I/O
  • Micro SD card access port
  • Mounting option 1: two M3.5/M3/#6 screws slide into wall mounts
    for easy removal, horizontal orientation with A/V side down, 40mm spacing
  • Mounting option 2: four M3.5/M3/#6 screws through feet from inside for
    secure mounting in any orientation, 68.3 x 38.8mm spacing
  • Self-adhesive feet included, quantity 4
  • Matte finish hides fingerprints
  • Available in black or red. Order two and mix lids!
  • External dimensions: 96 x 66 x 41mm
  • Internal volume for breakout boards:
    • Length – 90.0mm
    • Width – 60.0mm
    • Height – 28.8mm (from top of PI2B PCB to underside of lid)