FlightAware 1090MHz ADS-B Antenna - 66cm - Outdoor Montage

FlightAware 1090MHz ADS-B Antenna - 66cm
Auch für Aussen-Montage (Outdoor)
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High performance, omni directional antenna for receiving 1090MHz Mode S and ADS-B data from aircraft. The antenna can be used outdoors, mounted on a mast that is 2cm to 5cm in diameter (not included), or installed indoors against a window. When properly installed without obstructions, the antenna can receive ADS-B data from aircraft up to 250mi / 400km away. Mounting bracket and U-bolts included. Compatible with all ADS-B receivers including FlightFeeder, PiAware, Mode S Beast, Radarcape, Kinetic SBS1/SBS3, RTL Dongles, and more.


  • Quality: 1090MHz
  • Gain: 5.5dBi Avg
  • Radiation: Omni
  • Connector: N-FEMALE.
  • Suitable for Mode S and ADS-B data from Aircraft USA
  • Finish: Olive Green.