Dexter - GoPiGo3 Sensor Mount (3 Pack)

Dexter - GoPiGo3 Sensor Mount (3 Pack)
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The Dexter Industries Sensor Mount allows you to easily attach sensors to your GoPiGo3.  This is a set of 3 sturdy nylon plastic sensor mounts that enable you to attach sensors to your robots!

GoPiGo3, Raspberry Pi and Sensors are NOT included in this purchase, this is the sensor mounts only in a pack of 3.

Our custom design allows you to snap sensors right onto the mount and then snap the mount onto the GoPiGo3. No screws or soldering iron required! Attach any Dexter Industries or Grove sensor to the GoPiGo3 or BrickPi3. The sensor also allows for easy building with LEGO Mindstorms technic blocks.

Compatible with the following sensors:

  • DI Distance Sensor
  • DI IMU
  • DI Light & Color Sensor
  • DI Temp/Humid/Pressure Sensor
  • Grove LED
  • Grove Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Grove Button
  • Grove Buzzer
  • Grove Light Sensor
  • Grove Sound Sensor
  • Grove IR Sensor