52Pi - Mini Precision Real Time Clock (RTC)

52Pi - Mini Precision Real Time Clock (RTC)
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This tiny high-precision real time clock (RTC) module from 52Pi will help you keep time when your Pi's power goes down! The RTC communicates via the Pi's i2c bus, and utlises a precision Maxim DS1307 IC and a CR1220 cell battery to keep time!ship a battery to you, and recommend that you purchase one locally.


  • Uses Maxim DS1307 IC
  • Battery: CR1220 Cell Type (Not Included)
  • Consumes Less than 500nA in Battery-Backup Mode
  • Automatic Power-Fail Detect and Switch Circuitry
  • Programmable Square-Wave Output Signal
  • Uses i2c
  • Through pins for additional connections