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Das Kit ist in 30-60 Minuten zusammengebaut und lässt sich via WiFi oder Bluetooth kontrollieren.
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Great for learning about engineering and robotics, the kit takes about 30-60 minutes to build and supports remote control over WiFi or Bluetooth.

  • Stainless steel chassis
  • Includes our famous PicoBorg Reverse 5A motor controller
  • Brass hubs and support posts
  • Runs up to 30 mins on a single charge. Lasts approx 15 mins at full speed
  • Fused with reverse polarity protection
  • Easy access on/off switch
  • Compatible with latest Raspberry Pi models
  • Includes mounts for Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Easy to assemble kit

It works with the Raspberry Pi 2, model A+ or model B+, and supports mounting the Raspberry Pi camera on the front.

Raspberry Pi VersionCompatible?
Model A NO
Model A+ YES
Model B rev 1 (Early) NO
Model B rev 2 NO
Model B+ YES
Raspberry Pi 2 YES

Easy access to Raspberry Pi for programming, connecting and adding on boards.

Remotely control and remotely view with optional WiFi module

Kit includes:
Stainless steel Chassis
PicoBorg Reverse motor controller
4x motors, wheels and hubs
9v battery board
Full screw kit with two allen keys

Does not include but requires Raspberry Pi, SD Card, 9V PP3 battery.
Does not include optional Raspberry Pi Camera, wifi or bluetooth module.
Requires cross head and flat screw drivers, and sidecutters or at least scissors for assembly.
Requires soldering iron for motors (pre soldered motors available).