Variable Raspberry Pi Kamera Halterung

Kleine Halterung für die Raspberry Pi Kamera (NoIR oder Normale Version).
Der Winkel lässt sich auf drei Stufen einstellen. Zusätzlicher Anschluss für die Montage auf einem Stativ.
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CHF 8.90

Need a Raspberry Pi camera mount that's robust, adjustable and protects that delicate camera lens? Look no further! Our camera mount is adjustable into three different angles, includes a tripod mounting point, and is designed to withstand heavier use than more simple stands!

Raspberry Pi Camera Mount & Protector Features:
  • Up to 6 different positions
  • Protector plate can be placed over the lens for protection
  • Made from crystal clear laser cut acrylic
  • 1/4 inch hole for tripod mounting.
  • Weighted for stability - 40g
  • Dimensions: 55mm x 55mm x 50mm
  • Fully Compatible with all cases (external)
Assembly Instructions