Universal Zero

8 port DAC / ADC / GPIO expansion board
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Universal Zero is an 8 port DAC / ADC / GPIO expansion board. Fits any 40 pin Raspberry Pi

  • read up to 8 analog 12 bit inputs (ADC)
  • write up to 8 analog 12 bit outputs (DAC)
  • read or write up to 8 digital channels (GPIO)
  • internal thermometer
  • fast 25MHz SPI, 400kSPS ADC
  • internal 2.5V (or 2x 2.5V) or external 3.3V ADC & DAC Voltage reference

It is fully software configurable (find the libraries here) Any of the 8 pins can act as ADC (analog input), DAC (analog output) or GPIOs . Possibly projects include

  • weather station
  • voltmeter
  • parts tester
  • digital thermometer
  • robot
  • almost any embedded device

You can:

  • control engines
  • read potentiometers
  • read joysticks and dials
  • read analog and digital sensors
  • provide signals for analog circuits
  • act as a digital potentiometer
  • read and write any signal (analog or digital)

Board Layout

The board’s ADC/DAC/GPIO IC can be supplied from 5V (jumper 8). It gives a potential possibility to measure directly voltages up to 5V (up to Vcc actually). This is an experimental feature, and it is very probable to damage your PI if the 5V option is used. Please always use 3.3V option.