Steckernetzteil MicroUSB 5.1V / 2.5A mit eingebautem Schalter

Perfekt für den neuen Raspberry Pi 3 und andere Boards mit MicroUSB Anschluss.
Dank schmaler Form auch bestens geeignet bei Verwendung einer Steckerleiste.

Steckernetzteil MicroUSB 5.1V / 2.5A
Kabellänge ca. 1m
Artikelnummer: PI-DIV-PSU
Artikelnummer: 10536

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CHF 18.90
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  • Upgraded for use with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • In-line on/off rocker switch
  • Tested for Compatibility with the Raspberry Pi A/A+/B+/1/2/3
  • Input: 100-240V
  • Ripple Voltage ~ 100mV
  • This Compact, energy efficient USB charger has a high 5.1V @ 2.5A output.
  • Uses 25% less power compared to standard chargers. Please note a lot of chargers do not meet safety standards!
  • CE approved, and conforms to British Standards.
  • Materials used to manufacture this charger is environmentally friendly. This charger conforms to RoHs material standards.
  • Suitable for charging ebooks, ipods, iphones, PSP's, PDA's, digital cameras and mobile phones.
  • Cable Length 1m (Pi to Switch ~ 0.2m, Switch to Wall ~0.8m)
  • Blue LED Power Light