Raspberry Raspicomm: Multifunktionales I/O Erweiterungsboard

Die Steckplatine wird direkt auf die Steckerleiste des Raspberry Pi aufgesteckt. Dadurch werden folgende Schnittstellen über eine API erreichbar.

RS-485 Schnittstelle
RS-232 (‘serielle’) Schnittstelle
5 Eingänge an Schraubanschlüssen, zusätzlich an einem "Joystick" auf der Platine
2 Ausgänge 5 Volt mit LEDs (grün und rot) an Schraubanschlüssen
I2C Bus
Echtzeituhr (RTC) mit Batterie

Durch die Erweiterung wird der Raspberry Pi zu einer Steuerung mit "Industriestandard" und erleichtert das Verwirklichen von eigenen Steuerungsprojekten enorm. Zudem wird die Einbindung in bestehende Systeme erhebllich vereinfacht.
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The RasPiComm Raspberry Pi breakout board is the ultimate piggyback extension board for the Raspberry Pi, with endless project applications! The RasPiComm simply plugs on to the GPIO header of your Raspberry Pi, and allows you to use advanced features like a 5-way joystick, two serial ports (RS-232 and RS-485), l2c output, add a realtime clock (your Raspberry Pi will not lose time when powered down), directy control a display, a stepper motor, relays, and much more! 
  • RS-485 port (control stepper motors and other cool stuff)
  • RS-232 port (easily talk to your computer or other serial port devices like a modem)
  • Real-time clock with battery backup
  • Direct I2C connector - directly connect a display or sensors
  • 5-way joystick - control your Raspberry Pi easily
  • A tiny piggyback board - no extra cables or space
  • Driver support and sample applications code
  • Fully assembled including the backup-battery, ready to go! Just plug it in!

Technical Specification:

  • RS-485 serial channel up to 230400 baud, pluggable screw terminal connector (A, B, Gnd)
  • RS-232 serial channel up to 115200 baud, pluggable screw terminal connector (Rx, Tx, Gnd)
  • RS-485 & RS-232 pins are fully ESD-protected by TVS diodes
  • Real Time Clock/Calendar, battery included powers the clock for approximately 10 years
  • 5 x digital Inputs connected to onboard joystick (4 way + push), 5V tolerant, 2mm pitch external connector, not populated
  • 2 x digital Outputs, 5V @ 100mA max each, 5V relays can be connected without additional circuitry, 2mm pitch connector, not populated
  • SPI serial channel connector, 2mm pitch connector, not populated
  • 2 x IC serial channel connectors
  • Power connector, pluggable screw terminal connector (+, -) either powers the Raspberry Pi and RasPiComm (5V @ 1.5A max) or is a power output when powered over USB
  • Power consumption: 10mA max (outputs off), 210mA max (outputs on and maximum rating drawn)
  • Size: 35.2 x 56mm