Raspberry Pi Rack: Erweiterungsrack für bis zu 4 weitere PiFace Boards

Raspberry Pi Rack: Erweiterungsrack für bis zu 4 weitere PiFace Boards und vervielfachen Sie ihre Ein-/Ausgänge. Stromversorgung über RasPi oder über eigenen Stromadapter (5V)
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The PiRack is an expansion board that enables the connection of up to four different IO boards, such as the PiFace or Embedded Pi,  to the Raspberry Pi. With the ability to connect up to 4 additional boards, the plug-in PiRack allows users ultimate flexibility in their Raspberry Pi programming. The boards can also be 'daisy chained', to enable the connection of even more boards!
The connection is electrically the same as the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins, so ALL breakout boards are essentially compatible (within space constraints!), and on board jumpers are utilised to select which boards are active at any one time. The PiRack is powered separately to the Raspberry Pi meaning that it doesn't effect performance compared to connecting a very juicy board directly the the GPIO pins. With the ability to work with multiple boards, the PiRack allows users to move through the learning journey from beginner, intermediate to advanced projects with applications limited only by the imagination.
The PiRack Features:
  • Connect up to 4 Accessory Boards to the Raspberry Pi
  • 5V Barrel Jack for Additional Power (5.5mm OD  2.1mm ID Barrel)
  • Jumpers to select between internal and external power
  • Daisy chain multiple PiRacks for even more expansion 
  • Re-address SPI accessory boards with jumpers to swap 
  • SPI chip enable lines
  • Maximum Pin to Pin Voltage - 20V