PiBorg - ThunderBorg - 5 Amp Dual Motor Controller

PiBorg - ThunderBorg - 5 Amp Dual Motor Controller
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ThunderBorg is the latest Motor Controller from PiBorg! This is one powerful dual motor control board, designed to handle up to 5A per motor connection!

Great for bigger-than-your-average-buggy projects and making awesome robots from your Raspberry Pi.

Thunderborg Features:

  • Control big or small motors
  • On-board 5V regulator powers the Raspberry Pi
  • Runs from any battery pack or power supply from 7V to 35V
  • Proper 5A output per motor connection
  • Speed control forwards and reverse
  • On-board voltage monitoring for attached batteries
  • Mounts directly onto most Rasbperry Pi models
  • Super bright LED capable of over 16 million colours
  • Plug in more boards to control up to 200 motors!
  • Controls 4, 5 or 6 wire stepper motors


  • Dual motor controller
  • Power input Voltage 7.0-35.0V
  • Power output Current Max 5A per channel continuous
  • Speed Control via PWM and bidirectional
  • Controls 2× DC motors or a single stepper motor (4,5, or 6 wire)
  • Battery voltage monitoring for the full input range
  • 5V regulator for powering the Raspberry Pi
  • 24bit 16 million colour super bright RGB LED
  • Easily add additional ThunderBorgs to add more motors via cables
  • Uses I2C SCK/SDA and 3.3V/GND pins for communications
  • Mounts directly onto the GPIO of most Raspberry Pis
  • Optional RasPiO InsPiRing support
  • Overheat protection, under voltage lockout, and short circuit protection.