ModMyPi - Pi PIR Motion Sensor Camera Box - B+/2/3

ModMyPi - Pi PIR Motion Sensor Camera Box - B+/2/3
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The 'ModMyPi Pi PIR Motion Sensor Camera Box - B+/2/3' is designed for hosting the Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera module and a PIR Motion Sensor together in a compact and versatile enclosure.

This version has been updated to work with the original and V2 camera modules!

This all-integrated design ensures that the camera's fragile ribbon cable doesn't get damaged while exposed during operation.

This case can accommodate an optional magnetic camera lens (shown on most of the photos), which opens up new possibilities above and beyond the outstanding optical quality of the Pi Camera module. The lens guide on top of the case ensures easy centering of the optional lenses (the lens guide is optional, and can be omitted if you're not using optional lenses).

The black matte case is opaque, ensuring that the red led mounted on the Pi Camera module will not affect the ambient light captured by the camera.

The back of the 'Pi Camera Box' can accept an optional wall-mounting bracket for permanent installations.

The flexibility of this design is ideal for using a Raspberry Pi and its camera module in a variety of applications such as security with a wide angle fish-eye lens, process monitoring, computer vision, high-definition time lapses, motion sensing and many other fun projects. The case is tall enough to welcome heat sinks.

Lens and wall mount sold separately.


  • Includes an HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor and jumper cables for connection & mounting
  • Black matte acrylic
  • Assembly time: about 10 minutes
  • Access to all of Pi's connectors
  • Features rear GPIO access
  • Works with Raspberry Pi B+/2/3
  • Outer dimensions: 101mm x 70mm x 39.4mm
  • Inner dimensions: 86mm x 56mm x 33.4mm (may vary due to thickness variations on acrylic plates)
  • 4 x rubber feet

ModMyPi Pi PIR Camera Box Assembly Instructions