Lincoln Binns - Pi-Box Pro

Lincoln Binns - Pi-Box Pro
Mit dem im Lieferumfang enthaltenen Extender Board werden alle Schnittstellen (auch MicroUSB und HDMI) auf eine Seite geführt.
DIN Schiene als Zubehör verfügbar.
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Having connectors on multiple sides makes it difficult to house the Raspberry Pi Model B v3 for industrial applications. Lincoln Binns has designed the Pi-Box Pro to solve this problem.

Pi-Box Pro

Over 12.5 million Raspberry Pi boards have been sold worldwide! Industry sectors are now taking advantage of the Raspberry Pi in larger volumes. We’ve already worked with energy monitoring, GPS and audio industry sectors who are using the Pi.

The Pi-Box Pro comes with:

  • Extender Board
  • Carrier Plate
  • E-Case B Extrusion
  • Aluminium End Plate
  • Acrylic End Plate (For WiFi & Bluetooth)
  • Screws & Fixings

Pi-Box Pro

The extender board plugs into the Pi bringing the HDMI and Micro USB sockets to one end. The Pi-Box Pro can be mounted to virtually any surface with our range of accessories which include lugs, brackets and DIN rail clips.