CrowPi Basic - Compact Raspberry Pi Educational Kit

CrowPi - Compact Raspberry Pi Educational Kit
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CrowPi is an educational tool based on Raspberry Pi, designed to help people learn electronics, programming, and basic computer science. CrowPi was first released on Kickstarter in May 2018 and won a very successful campaign. The initial users spoke highly of CrowPi and left several good riviews.

The success of CrowPi is based on  the popularity of Raspberry Pi, and on the unique advantages of the product itself, such as the compact development board, the neat and portable case, the step by step tutorials, and the affordable price.
As we all know, computer science and programming are now regarded as an essential ability for 21st-century students, and are becoming a key component of many curriculums, even in primary schools. And when we combine computer science and programming with electronics, we can build many useful devices both for industrial applications and for use in our daily life. Some examples of modern applications for IT are: running a weather station, PIR automatic lighting, line tracking robot car, vehicle radar, and so on.
By mastering knowledge, and these skills, today's kids can be better prepared for a future in which AI, IOT, big data, and robotics dominate the world.

CrowPi Diagram

CrowPi is equipped with a 7 inch HD touchscreen along with a camera. All the regular components used in DIY electronics are packed into the CrowPi development board, such as LCD, LED matrix, buzzer, light sensor, PIR sensor, ultrasonic sensor, IR sensor, etc.
CrowPi Diagram

CrowPi Kit

CrowPi is sold as two different kits depending on your needs: the basic kit, and advanced kit. The only difference is that CrowPi advanced kit has more accessories, including Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, earphone, gamepads, heat sink. If you’ve already had a Raspberry Pi 3 board, the basic kit is good for you.

If you have never used Raspberry Pi before, we’d recommend you the advanced kit. 


 Choose the either kit you like 

CrowPi Function

The main purpose of CrowPi is to work as an educational tool. We can use it as a small computer to learn basic computer science and practice programming. We can also carry out many electronic experiments with CrowPi. What’s more interesting, we can play Nintendo games and build our own games.

Get to know Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + Hardware

Raspberry Pi is the most popular pocket-sized computer. It has been used all over the world to complete tremendous projects. Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ is the latest version. Before we get hands-on with CrowPi, we should master the basic knowledge of Raspberry Pi hardware.


Learn Basic Computer Science

As a small and affordable computer, Raspberry Pi is not as powerful as our Desktop computers or notebooks. However, it can deal with most of the regular requirement for basic computer science.


Use CrowPi as a Computer


Set Up RetroPie and Play Nintendo Games


Surf On the Internet


Watch Videos



Listen to Music


Edit Documents



Send and Receive Emails


Take Photos


Practice Scratch and Python

Scratch and Python are very popular programming languages for beginners. All of our lessons are written based on these two languages.


CrowPi Python Lesson 1- Using the buzzer as an alert notification


Create Your Own Python Games



CrowPi Scratch Lesson 2- Controlling the Buzzer Using a Button


Create Your Own Scratch Games


Build Electronic Projects

You can start by using only a few components, such as the sound sensor and buzzer to build a noisy alarm system. After you’re getting skillful, you can complete a more complicated project, such as activating the LCD and LED segment displays, LED matrixes, buzzers, or vibration motors at the same time with an NFC card.


Python Lesson7- Detect Room Temperature and Humidity Using HDT11 Sensor


Python Lesson 14- Controlling the 8x8 Matrix LED



NFC Trigger System


Build Automatic Fire Alarming and Extinguishing System