Camera Module, 77.6 degree FoV

Camera Module, 77.6 degree FoV
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IMX219 Camera Module for the official Raspberry Pi Camera Board V2, 77.6 degree FoV


This is a camera module (without driver PCB) compatible with the official Raspberry Pi Camera Board V2, with 8-megapixel IMX219 sensor and features 77.6 degree field of view.

If you got a Raspberry Pi Camera Board V2 and just want to try something new, here it is.


  • Sony IMX219 8-megapixel sensor
  • Camera specifications
    • CMOS size : 1/4inch
    • Aperture (F) : 2.0
    • Focal Length : 2.96mm
    • Field of View : 77.6 degree (while the original V2 camera is only 62.2 degree)
    • Distortion: < 1%
    • Focusing Range: 20cm ~ infinity
  • 3280 x2464 still picture resolution
  • Support 1080p30, 720p60 and 640x480p90 video record


IMX219-D77 dimensions

Note: this is a raw camera module without driver PCB, the Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Camera Board V2 PCB in the photos are NOT included

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